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Carmax Service Centre

Carmax Service Centre

We at Carmax Service Centre offer a comprehensive range of automotive services designed to provide customers with top-notch vehicle maintenance, repair, and enhancement solutions. With a strong commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, Carmax ensures that every vehicle is serviced to the highest standards, giving owners peace of mind and reliable transportation.

Service and Maintenance:

At Carmax Service Centre we emphasize the importance of regular maintenance for vehicles, offering both minor and major service packages. The minor service includes oil and oil filter changes, lubrication of moving parts, fluid top-ups, and a thorough inspection for fluid leaks. Additionally, a comprehensive examination of key components like lights, tyres, and windscreen wipers is performed. The major service goes beyond the minor package, encompassing jobs such as the use of Synthetic engine oil which covers up to 10,000Km. air filter and fuel filter replacement, brake inspection, shock absorber and wheel bearing assessment, electrical component testing, air conditioning system check, and radiator inspection.

Mechanical/Electrical Repair:

Carmax boasts computerized diagnostics capabilities with advanced tools that help diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical and electrical issues accurately. Our competitive service packages comprise high-quality genuine parts and reasonable pricing, combined with an efficient customer service system ensuring prompt appointments, easy check-ins and check-outs, and a comfortable customer interface and lounge area.


For major accidents that require specialized collision repairs, Carmax Service Centre stands ready with cutting-edge technology and a skilled team for full-body repair and conditioning of various vehicles. Services range from facelifts to accident repairs, dent removal, professional color matching, jigging, vehicle alignment, valet cleaning, vehicle polishing, windscreen replacements, light sparklings, and upholstery restoration. These services are executed with stringent standards of excellence, ensuring efficient restoration of vehicles to their original condition.


Carmax recognizes the significance of maintaining a vehicle’s appearance through proper paintwork. The effects of time, weather, poor maintenance, and accidents can lead to fading and damage to the auto body’s paint. Our expert auto body technicians evaluate the extent of damage and provide recommendations for paintwork. The facility’s state-of-the-art spray booth ensures a clean manufacturer finish, helping to restore the vehicle’s aesthetics while protecting it from further damage. Carmax’s focus on affordability and dependable service simplifies the paintwork restoration process.

Tyre Centre:

In addition to our comprehensive services, Carmax Service Centre also includes a tyre center that offers various motor vehicle accessories, such as car alarms, security devices, audio systems, and window tints. They provide wheel alignment, camber balancing, and a range of tyre products. Recognizing the critical role that tyres play in vehicle safety and performance, Carmax emphasizes the importance of high-quality wheels for a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

Carmax Service Centre is dedicated to ensuring the longevity, safety, and appearance of customers’ vehicles. With a focus on genuine parts, top-notch service quality, and a commitment to excellence, they offer a range of services including maintenance, repair, bodywork, paintwork, and tyre-related solutions. Our skilled technicians, cutting-edge technology, and customer-centric approach make Carmax a reliable choice for all automotive needs.

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