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How to Make the Most of Your Test Drive

Test drives are your chance to see how a car really performs on the road. However, it can be overwhelming, and you may forget to ask important questions. We have some tips of how to make the most out of your test drive with us.

  1. Make a Checklist of Things Important to you in a vehicle.

If you’ve been eyeing a type of car for a while, then you must have a checklist that needs most if not all boxes ticked. This helps you put your money into something you’re content with. People’s needs are different when looking for a car. Some value performance, others put comfort & safety as their priority. It’s therefore important to list your must haves and keep them in mind during the test drive.

  1. Friends and family are great company during a test drive for second opinion’s purpose. They may experience something differently from you while you drive, having their perspective is important.
  2. Plan Your Route. Nairobi traffic can disrupt your plans failure to proper planning. Have in mind the areas you would like to take your car for the drive. Consider whether there are highways, rough or smooth streets.

CarMax’s branches are strategically located along major highways providing a realistic feel during the test drive.

  1. Inspect the Car In and Out. Inspect all details of the car such as the size, boot space, mirrors, windows, buttons, display screens. This allows you to spot tiny details that may be influential in your decision to buy or not buy.
  2. Drive How You Would Normally Drive. It’s understandable that one would feel nervous driving a car that doesn’t belong to them. But don’t be shy. It potentially will be your everyday car; it is advisable to drive it the way you normally would.
    • Test the acceleration & deceleration. Is the speed acceptable for the way you drive?
    • Get a feel of the steering and handling of the car.
    • Test the brakes and safety features to ensure you feel safe in case of an emergency.
    • Test the suspension.
  3. Test the In-Car Features. See how accessible the buttons or screens are while you drive. They should not distract you from driving. Test the sound quality if the entertainment system is important for you. Check how well the air conditioner & heater work. If there are any features that are missing, in most cases they can be added as accessories at any of our branches.
  1. Try parking the car. Even the best of drivers agree that parking can be an extreme sport. Parallel Park and reverse as well. This will give you a good idea of how long and wide your vehicle is, and the different angles of your vehicle.
  2. Take Your Time and Ask Questions. We have the friendliest sales reps whose goal is to ensure you drive out with the car of your dreams. They will be happy to guide you.

What better season to test drive a car than right now? The holidays are coming up soon. Give your family a holiday to remember with a trip to the Mara or a drive down to the coast, in a CarMax ride.

#karibucarmax. Book a test drive at any of our branches today!

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