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Why You Need Minor Car Servicing

Many People take great pride in the huge investment that is their vehicle, and with good reason.

Cars can give a quick impression about their owners as they often tend to be an extension of oneself.

Some people even go to the extent of naming their cars and taking them for detailing two to three times a year due to this reason.

With that said, scheduling visits with your car service center for minor and major check ups is very important for you as a car owner.

These checkups ensure that the wear and tear associated with using your vehicle is managed and minimized, giving you more shelf life out of your engine.

Minor car servicing should be done after covering every 5,000 to 15,000 KM. It’s a key activity in ensuring the early detection of any car problems you may face, before they get bigger and more expensive.

A typical minor car service consists of the following

Engine oil is the lubricant responsible for inhibiting rust and corrosion in your engine, further bringing protection against wear and tear of the engine. It serves the function of removing impurities as well as acting as a coolant for your engine.

Changing your oil when scheduled therefore contributes to efficiency and less maintenance costs for you as a car owner. Replace your engine oil every 8,000 to 12,500km.


Your engine’s air filter acts by preventing harmful debris such as dirt and other contaminants in the air from entering your engine.

Ensuring that these filters remain clean through a scheduled service will allow for air to properly reach your cars combustion chambers, which is where oxygen, fuel, pressure and electricity come together to creating the power to make your car move.

Replace your air filter every 20,000km or once a year.  Also note that a replacement will be needed more regularly if you drive on dusty roads.


If your car isn’t an electric vehicle, then it definitely requires fuel to run. Anything that impedes the flow of fuel into your engine’s combustion chambers ultimately leads to a less efficient engine.

Your fuel filter comes into play by ensuring that clean fuel runs smoothly into the engine by filtering out dirt and debris that it may have.

Have you ever heard about the term dirty fuel? Replace your fuel filter every 2 years or 45,000km


Your oil filter works to catch all the impurities and sludge that arises out of your engine’s lubrication process.

The filter needs to be scheduled for change once it becomes ineffective in serving this purpose of catching unwanted byproducts.

Minor service ensures that these old oil filters get replaced in time to avoid oil contamination of the new oil you put into your engine

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